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In connection with the possible acquisition by you, Texas Business Buyers, LLC (“we,” “us”) will be furnishing you information regarding any business, its financial condition, operations and prospects of a Company listed for sale by Texas Business Buyers. In consideration of obtaining this proprietary information, you agree:

  1. All the proprietary information furnished to you will be confidential.
  2. You will not compete against the Company, nor act on any trade secrets disclosed to you.
  3. Unless we agree otherwise in writing, you will not contact the seller, nor will you contact any of the Company’s employees.
  4. If you attempt to negotiate with the seller to purchase the Company without the involvement of Texas Business Buyers, you will be responsible for paying our full commission and associated damages.
  5. Unless we agree otherwise in writing, you will not disclose or reveal any proprietary information for five years from the signing date to any person(s) or entity(ies) other than your employees or representatives who are directly participating in the evaluation of this information for any purpose other than in connection with a proposed acquisition.
  6. If you decide that you do not wish to pursue the proposed acquisition, you will advise us of this, return all proprietary information furnished to you, and delete all electronic copies.
  7. Although you understand that we and the Company have included in this proprietary information certain information which we consider to be relevant for the purpose of your investigation, there is no representation nor warranty as to its accuracy or completeness.
  8. You acknowledge that we represent the Seller.

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