Business Consulting

Whether you want to buy or sell a business, or grow one that you’ll be able to sell in the future; you should talk to a professional first and learn about the process, especially what your best options are.

We believe in supporting entrepreneurs however we can. If we can’t help you with your business, we will certainly point you in the right direction. Call us for a no-cost initial consultation.

Services We Offer

  • Value Builder System – A proven way to systematically maximize the value of your business. Ideal if you’re considering selling in 2-10 years but want to make sure your business is ready and appealing to a potential buyer so as to maximize its value.
  • Exit Timing and Strategy Advice – Is your business ready to go to market? Is the timing right? Have you thought through the tax implications?
  • Buy Side Representation – Already have a business in mind you want to buy, but need a pro watching your back making sure you ask the right questions, pay the right price, structure the deal intelligently, and get the loan you need? We can help make all of that happen.
  • Valuations and Formal Appraisals – Learn what your business is really worth today from a trusted expert. We’ll get you in the ballpark for free, and if you need an appraisal report, we do those too.
  • Internal Buyouts – Want to sell to a partner, family member, or employee? This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Our experts are here to guide you to help price it fairly, structure it correctly, and make sure you get the legal, tax, and lender resources you need to get the deal done while preserving your relationships. We can help take emotion and bias out of the process and get these done professionally and quickly.

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