Instant profits the day you take over. Earn $400-1,200 per workday, paid at time of service. Two reliable full time employees ($10-12/hr) can help you do the moving, or you can bring your own team (or teenage kids!) to do the lifting.

Comes with 6 used trucks, 3 of them currently in operation. Non-running trucks could be sold to offset cost of purchasing business. Great name and reputation. Phone keeps ringing off the hook with more jobs with virtually no marketing. Reputation is everything in this town, and you’ve got it immediately with this established company.

Call and let’s talk about it. Owner is flexible and willing to finance some of the purchase price.

  • Asking Price: $100,000
    Gross Income
    : $198,925
    Discretionary Earnings
    : $68,800
    : $30,000
    : $1,000
    Real Estate
    : $199,000* – available separately for purchase
    : 2004
    : 2

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